Client NameOgdensburg Board of Education
Bids Due/Opening27 March 2018, at 11:00 AM at the Board Offices, 100 Main Street, Ogdensburg Boro, 07439
Pre-Bid Walk Through08 March, 2018 at 3:00 P.M. (Meet at main office of school)
Project # & NamePSA#(s) 7461: Exterior Bridge Replacement at Ogdensburg Elementary School
Cost of Documents$25.00 Non-Refundable.
Bidding documents will be released only in full sets. Partial sets, or sets split out by trade will not be released. Bid Documents may be delivered to recipients at their request upon our receipt of fee and arrangements for payment of delivery.
Project ArchitectJohn Carton
Drawings Available02 March 2018 at the offices of Parette Somjen Architects L.L.C.
Drawings will be available for contractor review Monday - Thursday from 9:00am - 4:00 pm and Friday from 9:00am - 1:00 pm.
Bidding RequirementsBids will be accepted from a single general contractor for a lump sum bid only
Project DescriptionThis project includes, but is not limited to, the improvements to the existing steel bridge at the rear of the building as required for safe pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
DPMC Qualification(C008) General Construction
(C009) General Construction/Alterations & Additions
Commence Construction2 Days after Notice to Proceed
Substantial Completion17 August 2018
Addendum Issued:
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