The PSA Communal Garden is THRIVING!

July, 2017

The project was derived by the Culture Committee, who decided that the second floor roof could use some green elements. Thanks to a very efficient design by Robert Ambrose, and daily nurturing from Stephanie Mueller, Robert, and a host of PSA employees doing their part, the roof top garden is flourishing in its new habitat. Everyday there are new surprises and ongoing harvesting from the very eclectic mix of radishes, cucumbers, purple potatoes, onions, zucchini, purple and green string beans, tomatoes, and a plethora of beautifully fragrant herbs. The new gardeners are learning along the way and have had to “thin out” some overgrown areas to make room for exploding vines and blossoms and to add some make-shift trellises to keep the plants from scorching on the hot rooftop.

Predictions have it that 2018 will claim even more rooftop real estate, which is sure to include some “Jersey Beefsteaks.” Keep an eye peeled for our future roadside vegetable stand if the produce continues to prosper!

Great job to all involved.