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Fieldwork During COVID-19


As we begin to develop our “Return to Work” strategies, we must include protocols for accommodating necessary field work and out-of-office meetings. Such work includes site surveys, field observations and construction site visits. While the CDC will continue to issue guidance on social distancing and advice on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), it is clear that different jurisdictions will offer various and differing timelines and protocols. The same will also be true of clients, as each will demand different levels of risk mitigation according to their needs and expectations.

It is also reasonable to expect varying degrees of risk tolerance from our staff, and so accommodations will almost always default to the more restrictive standard among those affected by field work. The key to proceeding effectively through this time of “transition” is likely to be preparedness and flexibility, with the emphasis on careful adherence to the standard to which all parties have committed, whether that’s masks, gloves, vacant job sites or remote cameras. Acknowledging the serious nature of field work, and the risks associated with that work will be more important than ever.

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