Air Conditioning Our Existing Schools

Many New Jersey school districts are considering the introduction of air conditioning into their existing schools. Some are considering cooling only select areas, others are targeting entire  buildings.When considering air conditioning for a school…

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The PSA Communal Roof-Top Garden is THRIVING!

The project was derived by the Culture Committee, who decided that the second floor roof could use some green elements. Thanks to a very efficient design by Robert Ambrose, and daily nurturing from Stephanie Mueller, Robert, and a host of PSA employees doing their part, the roof top garden is flourishing in its new habitat.

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Urbanizing the Suburban Environment

Why do 60% of Millennials prefer the urban environment?  One theory is that as their lives have been more consumed by personal interactions via electronic media, people crave increased, easy to access, in-person interaction that is currently more prevalent in the urban environment.  What if the suburbs could be updated to provide more of that?

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NJ School Safety Measures Are Signed Into Law

On December 5th, Governor Chris Christie signed two school safety bills. According to the State’s Website, one bill requires that future school architectural plans feature certain security measures. The second mandates that .

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PSA Celebrates “Month of Carton

The month of July was a BIG one for PSA as we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of John Carton, AIA, Partner. All staff, along with John’s family, honored him with a kick-off luncheon and presentation that hit the “highlights” of his esteemed 20-year career at PSA. Many events took place throughout the month in John’s honor, including….

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NJ Senate Introduces Bill 1340 Enforcing Strict Guidelines for Bleacher Safety

This bill was introduced on February 11, 2016 by Senator Anthony Bucco. In summary this bill requires stricter safety standards to be adopted for existing bleachers. The bill points out that each year there are an average of 19,100 injuries directly attributable to falls or unsafe conditions associated with bleachers….

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New Corporate Headquarters Achieves LEED-CI Gold Certification

PSA was retained by SUEZ Environnement North America, the parent company of United Water to act as Architect of Record for the gut renovation of their new 103,000sf, 2-floor, corporate headquarters in Paramus, New Jersey. In addition to providing a new look, increase space, and up-to-date amenities, the project has…

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