PSA is Recognized as One of New Jersey's Top Architectural Firms in Commercial Real Estate

For the second year in a row, Real Estate NJ recognized Parette Somjen Architects as a one of New Jersey's top architectural firms in commercial real estate.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors in All Building Use Groups

Carbon Monoxide detectors are required in all building use groups when the building has natural gas or oil fired appliances. This law is currently in effect and being enforced during the annual fire inspection process.

Evidence Based Design

Designers are often criticized for subjective or arbitrary decisions. All of us have happened upon a building or a room and wondered, “What the hell happened here?” Reasons for questionable decisions can include: “This is what the client wanted”, “This was required by code”, “I thought it would look cool”, “This is all we could afford”, etc. The list is long and rarely satisfying...

Air Conditioning Our Existing Schools

Many New Jersey school districts are considering the introduction of air conditioning into their existing schools. Some are considering cooling only select areas, others are targeting entire buildings.

Urbanizing the Suburban Environment

Why do 60% of Millennials prefer the urban environment? One theory is that as their lives have been more consumed by personal interactions via electronic media, people crave increased, easy access, to in-person interaction that is currently more prevalent in the urban environment. What if the suburbs could be updated to provide more of that? Could small “urban” hubs or “linear towns” be developed to provide both the desired experience while strengthening and revitalizing existing communities?

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