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Inspiring Spaces


The great stone cathedrals of Europe, the forum in Rome, Grand Central Station in NYC, The Milwaukee Museum of Art by Santiago Calatrava, Google’s offices…they have provided inspiration to millions of people who have visited them. Why is that? While they are all beautiful buildings/spaces in their own ways, it can be argued that the common theme between these inspirational spaces in that of our connection through them to something bigger. Whether it is to a higher power, ancient history, art, or each other in places of transport or work, the inspiration we feel in these places speaks to the inherent need in our shared humanity to be connected.

In these challenging times it is important to remember that this too will pass and we will once again gather together, collaborate, innovate, have fun, and be inspired by each other and the spaces we share.

Until then please remember to wash your hands and assume that the Zoom camera is always on!

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